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Movies for Music is a collaboration between Downhill Battle and p2pnet. In the fight over the future of filesharing and the music business, the public holds all the cards. With a series of short films we can show people how the music industry really works, and that's a huge step towards bringing the major labels and the RIAA to their knees.

Press Release

Press Contacts:
Nicholas Reville, Downhill Battle
phone: 508-963-7832
email: npr@downhillbattle.org

Jon Newton, p2pnet
phone: 206-347-6068
email: p2pnet@p2pnet.net

About Downhil Battle

Downhill Battle is an activist organization that's working to create a music industry that's more efficient, more fair, and more fun. Musicians, independent labels, and people who love music now have a chance to break the major label monopoly, and Downhill Battle exists to seize that opportunity. If you want to join the fight for the future of music, visit downhillbattle.org and get involved.

About p2pnet

p2pnet was the first Internet site to carry daily, frequently updated news stories, features and commentaries discussing developments in the peer-to-peer and digital media arenas. p2pnet's focus is on digital media and file sharing, but it's a key part of a growing movement of print and electronic media outlets that are accessing and exchanging news which hasn't been spun, filtered and pre-digested by corporate interests.